Stay Green

Things we do to keep your stay green

  • Our facility recycles: paper, plastics, cans,
  • We reuse paper.
  • We have motion sensors set up in all public areas.
  • We use CFL or fluorescent lighting in all areas. No incandescent.
  • Exterior signs are Sodium Vapor which also use less energy.
  • Signs are LED.
  • Signs work on digital timers.
  • Majority (90%) of our equipment is energy star rated
  • Instant water heaters (Rianai system) – Big difference between a boiler/water heater – Saves on water and Energy
  • We have programs to encourage guests to help save the environment
  • We offer weekly housekeeping to maintain the guests privacy and in turn uses less detergents and water.
  • We encourage team members to take the bus to work, walk or bike and of course carpool. We provide bike racks on site.
  • Irrigation is by well water. We do not use city water for our landscaping.
  • We try to print less and email more. – Saving Trees. Most of our internal paperwork is scanned and stored. In turn, reducing the need to print and waste paper.
  • We try to find as many local vendors as possible. Helps reduce our carbon footprint as they do not have to travel as much to get to us.
  • Signage that encourages guests to save the environment by turning off the lights when they leave their rooms.
  • Our suites have occupancy sensors that reset the HVAC units to a comfortable temperature if guests leave the unit on an extreme temperature.